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a young writer’s prayer for his daddy by marcus speh


«Hey daddy in heaven, hallowed be your kingdom past; you gave me bread and bullets and helped me across minefields; you threw riddles at me daily; express yourself, express yourself, you said, hiding your own manhood behind thick glasses; keenly you looked in two directions at once and you had eyes in your back when I was little; you let me save my face many times over; you pointed a poetic finger at the jungle fever; sadness in your old eyes; I hunt in your footsteps silently, a ghost; I look up at the ancestral tree, the old tree and I stand on its roots firmly; that smile on your face is yours; do you see me still, you with the uninterrupted speech; rambler in heaven, antler for dames who sit by your feet listening open faced their jaws dropped all the way down beyond their sex; your fine hair, too; your cautious step and fear towards the end when you were afraid to leave the house; your tender hugs and, always, that scent of fresh flowers around your lion head; when I’m ill I feel your hand on my forehead, a blue veined cool palm leaf spreading calm; wordlessly I hunt in your wake with the holy harpoon that I sharpened for so many years under your tutelage; now I bend my head; I write.».

@marcus_speh is a German writer who lives in Berlin and blogs at His short fiction collection “Thank You For Your Sperm” will be published by Mad Hat Press in 2012. “A Young Writer’s Prayer To His Daddy” is a flash from his mosaic novel “Gizella” (to be published by Folded Word Press).

Image: original drawing by Taffimai Metallumai.

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